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  1. I too am having the exact same problem! Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
  2. Hello Kluelos, thank you for your feedback, but I chose a custom installation from the very start, and chose not to integrate the feature into either browser. I installed bitcomet well over three months ago and never had this problem until about a week ago. Should I uninstall and then reinstall?
  3. On first startup of Bitcomet, it automatically installs the IE integration extension, and I am forced each time to uninstall the feature again. I choose not to use the feature because I am left with no option to run the files I download. Any suggestions on correcting this situation will be greatly appreciated. :mellow:
  4. For the last several days, on first start-up of Bitcomet, it automatically installs the IE integration extension on it's own. Each time this happens, I am forced to go into the options section, and uninstall the feature all over again. I keep this feature turned off because it does not give me the immediate option run the downloaded files. :mellow: Note to Development Team: For further information, please read here
  5. Hello Kluelos, thank you for the extra info because it helps me to better understand the ever-growing magnificence of bitorrent applications and their functions. I only expressed the port problems as intermittent because they seem to come and go, and that was the way it was explained to me by one of the other administrators. If it is okay with you, I will be adding the information you gave me to the notes I am building on understanding the world of bitorrent. Thanks!B)
  6. Hello Invid_2000, I have encountered this problem in the past and also incurred sign-in problems as a side dish. I was informed by an administrator that situations such as this often arise when some part of the information is not read correctly--either by one of the servers or the application itself. I noticed another member has given some note-worthy information on the subject, and I am in agreement with them. These are intermittent problems and will soon correct themselves. Just yesterday, I repeatedly received this error message, "cannot listen to port," but today everything is as it should be. Remember that you can continue to download your torrents regardless of any port situations. Have a great day! B)
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