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  1. I am aware this would be very inefficient for torrent videos. But I am referring to streaming videos only. After identifying the begriming and the end of the stream, make connections in increments instead of spreading them proportionally. Since now, all items are available and are placed in the order of the shopping list. I know some servers will accept limited reconnections and I am ignorant to some facts, but this would be ideal for many. Especially for those with slower connections. Also this would be an additional feature and not a replacement preview mode.
  2. The preview option is excellent for its purpose. :wub: My request however is for a preview like option that not only load the first few percent of the video but does it in increments or sequence rather. For example: After the initial preview section is completed, priority is given to the next 5% of the video, then the next 5% and so on. This would greatly improve the experience for those of us who watches videos on the fly or so to speak.
  3. I would like the comet ID to be used within the comments section. Its a little annoying that each time a comment is to be placed on a torrent, i have to be typing in a name and confirmation number. Also, people should be responsible for there comments. Presently a single person can be posting multiple times on a single torrent, using multiple names, in order to convince the masses. Even though there might be a need for the confirmation number. Please make the login name absolute. Thank you. zip103.
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