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  1. &Does bitcomet, while downloading a torrent, hash check every piece before writing to disk? I have a torrent of 80GB and there seems to be 400MB that didn't pass the hash-check. And how does bittorrent/Bitcomet hash-check the entire torrent after downloading, on file-level or piece-level? *Also I need a way of determining which files of the few thousand are corrupt/incomplete. simply clicking the size column under "files" doesnt work, since all files are stored in seperate dirs I still have to wade through all of them finding which files have xxx% complete.
  2. And what if good peers do not have the "peer exchange" feature enabled? You;re probably right. But then I wonder why some other peers have like 500kB-1MB of download speed while I'm stuck between 60kB - 200kB for the same torrent.
  3. Is there a way to peek in the tracker-list of other peers for the same torrent during download? I get the urge sometimes to spy on other peers tracker-list for the same torrent to see if they got any trackers i have not. Sometimes you have a torrent that downloads but not quite as fast as the other peers in your peer-list. Sure other peers might use cable or BC is blocked by some IP's. But I suspect it might have to do with not knowing about the good trackers for the same torrent.
  4. Is there a way to see which connections, during download, are provided through UDP? Bc. I'm curious how much this DHT/UDP is really helping my downloads. DHT and UDP-trackers are providing a lot of peers when I look at the trackers-tab in BC, more than the TCP trackers provide. But when I remove the UDP-trackers and block my UDP-port I still get the same peer results/download speed.
  5. I like to use http/video downloads now and then, just bc bitcomet hijacks, no not in a negative way, the url. So I'm like why not. BC can do no harm. The only thing I never got along with is Edonkey. For the life of me, I never had any good experience with this network, and only 2 days ago I found various tutorials and for the first time I got edonkey properly configured and ready to go (servers security portforwarding everything) I do however appreciete this integration of edonkey alongside torrents to simultaneous downloading of files (cross platform). it's easy with bitcomet once edonkey is setup properly.
  6. Ah Ok I understand now thank you. One more thing, maybe I should've openend another thread but I'll ask here. Why do some video-files occasionally still contain corrupt data, which you notice when viewing. While Bittorrent uses a hash-check to make sure the downloaded file is 100% correct? I've seen it on rare occasions. A video-torrent completes and passes the hash check 100%(like a friend's holliday clips). But won't play or contains corrupt data. Re-checking will give a 100% OK but syill contain the corrupt data. Only after redownloading the whole file the errors are gone? Thank you for your patience.
  7. I know it says friend "upload" slot. But I was thinking maybe BC meant it's both ways. So when you choose this option it would not only upload to 1 particular peer, the peer would also upload more bandwitdth to you? /probably a stupid question
  8. Also, sometimes even the BT menu does this all of a sudden. After I changed settings in the torrent-file/settings/ Then when I manag to exit BT, BT wil have a grey icon on my rohght OS-taskbar saying "BT exiting" What could be going on, and what should I do, it does absolutely nothing? Taskmanager shows BT is eating 240MB of memory and it is not changing.
  9. When I rught-click on a torrent in my BT-tasklist trouble starts. From there on I have to wait 40secs before the context-menu appears, and then I have to wait 40secs before each menu-item I want to click even responds.. Does the BT tech-staff have any clue why this happens. Only on one torrent in my tasklist?
  10. HI, I setup 2 rules in my router for tcp and udp both on the same listening port forwarded to my Bitcomet. Still no luck. My firewall has two rules as well, both for BC, one for TCP and one for UDP both set to connection allowed.. TCP works fine, but Bitcomet says UDP is still blocked by firewall/router. Any clues why? EDIT: nevermind. I restarted my router and restarted BC also. UDP open! :) Now let's see..
  11. Hai Kluelos. is every hash number for every piece stored within the .torrent?
  12. My Bitcomet always gives a green sign for both WAN and DHT. One last question, if you could answer this for me please. When BC downloads a piece from a file in a torrent (say the piece-size for the whole torrent is set to 4MB), will BC hash-check each complete piece of 4MB before writing it to disk. or will Bitcomet hash-check only if the whole file is complete or after the whole torrent has been completed? Thanks
  13. Also, BC automatically creates a rule in my windows firewall and sets it to private (which means pc connected to private network which is fine). But BC sometimes (I say sometimes) also creates an additional rule and sets it to "public" (which means the computer is connected to a public network like a wifi in a cafe - which my pc is not). I'm not even sure if BC is making this additional rule or something else. Do tech-staf know more about this and maybe why this occurs?
  14. I'm trying to figure out what the Home/work (private) and Public options, behind each rule, in my win7-firewall mean. And how they might impact BC performance. Should I setup Bitcomet as home/work(private) or Public or both? Currently the following rules for bitcomet exist in my win7-firewall "bitcomet.exe: home/work(private)", and there's another tule that says "bitcomet: public" I have windows7 64 running and my router/modem is setup correctly, Windows firewall cooperates as well, Bitcomet gives the greenlight for connection. Downloading is no problem.. I just wonder what the difference for Bitcomet will be regarding performance with one or both options.
  15. Yes I have, and this is what I see: The torrent consists of many pictures and soundfiles. Let's say the picture directory is sorted like this "70-125 pictures per directory" Not all directories have been included for download. When I isolate the pictures that always fail to reach 100% this is what I see: it is always the beginning 3-4 and last 4 pictures (800-1MB per file) in a directory that are corrupted. Looking at the torrent saying the piece-size is 4MB I think there might be a link. But what exactly I don't know. Instead of of selectively downloading part of the torrent I decided to download everything, bc the BC_part file might have something to with it. I can at least try.
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