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  1. Considering the popup which Peer mentioned upwards, I have the same problem when I've start MPC Star. Yes, I have installed codecs (Divx and Xvid) I've used them because my hobby is translation movies in English in my language - Macedonian. But yesterday I've reinstall everything, I've install new version of Windows XP sp 3 with all SATA and other drivers. The last version missed SATA and other drivers. Also I've download "FRESH" MPC Star and I've installed Divx and Xvid codecs. WHEN I'VE START MPC STAR THERE WAS NO POPUP ICON OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT! So, I wish indicate this: The popup problem is not connect with codecs, it is connect with Windows version which you use. I don't know why it is so (which part of XP indicate popup icon), but fortunately I've discovered where was the problem. I WILL REPEAT: CODECS NOT CAUSING POPUP PROBLEM, THE PROBLEM IS CAUSED BY WINDOWS VERSION. AND NOW MPC STAR WORKS EXCELLENT, BETTER THAN PREVIOUSLY WHEN I'VE USE OLDER XP VERSION!
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