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  1. So after connecting my pc directly to the modem no more crashes. I know some router that crashes with BC but never seen one that crashes BC it self. The difference I see is when I start BC without any task and DHT on, if its connected directly to the modem the DL/UL speed goes up to a little above 100KB/s for a while then back to 0. With the router it goes over 200KB/s and freezes. Any ideas why this happen?
  2. My system: Win XP SP3, E8500, 4GB(3.5G)RAM Comodo firewall and Avast I dont think I changed any system configuration that could affect BC other than windows update. It started out being slow when I started BC and now it crashes.(with DHT) I tried reinstalling BC, checking errors on my harddrive and ram, installing BC on a ramdisk, clean install of XP, turning off firewall and antivirus but nothing worked. The other thing I just thought now is the router(9100EM) but would it cause BC to crash if it has a problem? I'll try connecting to the modem directly anyway.
  3. Recently when BC starts up it freezes (probably while connecting to DHT) for a while and sometimes it comes back and if not I have to manually terminate the process. Also, sometimes when minimized to taksbar or tasktray for a while, I cant make it come back. (Clicking the bar/icon wont do anything) Turning off DHT network will solve the problem but are there anything I can do so that I can use DHT and not having BT crashing all the time? Happens with both 0.70 and 1.23
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