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    i like movies and reading......i have a son named blaze and love to watch him play.....he just started to learn to play the ps3 and he's already kicking my butt...lol
  1. hi people...just up front i can't spell that well...kk....so hi i'm carinacan.( it's from DBZ the frist time i saw it Balma took out this little can and hit a butten and a car poped out... i've been hooked ever sence.) anyway just to warn u i'm a crazy person...i have D.I.D. so i go off of who i'm sometimes...i'm 30 but with a 14 year old mind....cool ha...I DON'T ever have to grow up....i have a son his name is Blaze (yes thats how i spelled it on his brith c.) he's a realy cool 5 year old ( ofcorse i would say that i'm his mom) but he realy is.i like to chat so i'll prob bore u if you read m
  2. is happy and a realy baaad speller......lol

  3. is happy and a realy baaad speller......lol

  4. is happy and a realy baaad speller......lol

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