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  1. In Windows 7 64 bit , interface is very ugly,confirm bug When the Close button is pressed, i don't have confirmation for exit and it will exit,even i have in option to minimize it.
  2. Try running it in vista compatibility mode see if it helps.
  3. Yes thanks,i was under the impression that this option will make BitComet take how much ram he wants more then 400MB the maximum i have set.
  4. I mean that bitcomet will not pass 400MB even i did not check "Auto-Choose cache size in the given range" , 400 MB will be the maximum cache like in the option. This is what i wanted to say.
  5. Let's say i set the range between 6 ( min ) , 400 ( max ) and not select "Auto-Choose cache size in the given range" BitComet will store maximum 400 MB in the cache see pic.
  6. No i did not enable scan on task finish. The option to add .bc! and for final hash check have existed for a good long while Yes But GUI Improved: new setting in advanced option page to enable/disable auto hash check after downloaded file changed NO,this is new from version 1.26
  7. The same crash if you enable hash check file on finish. I think it's antivirus related ,but it's crashing only with the 2 options i have told you about,i`m using Avast Internet Security 6,ask other people if they have antivirus as i see i`m not the only one who has the crashing problem,Thanks.
  8. I don't use peerguardian/peerblock or protowall , i have found the bug that cause the bitcomet to crash,it's the new implantation bittorent.hash_check_if_file_changed, because with the option Add .bc! file extension to unfinished file it will crash after download complete because BitComet will hash check the file on finish, ( he thinks the file has changed because on task complete it will remove .bc! extension) i hope you understand what i`m trying to see my English is not the best, unselecting the option Add .bc! file extension to unfinished file has resolved my bug, it was crashing only on some tasks not all,this is the bug from bitcomet as he thinks all files changed after download because of the .bc! extension with option bittorent.hash_check_if_file_changed. It was crashing when download finished on file http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/6697893/TuneUp_Utilities_2012_12.0.600_Beta_6_Multilingual_Portable , Thanks for the help and hope it will help you fix the bug. The bug will happen only if you have enable bittorent.hash_check_if_file_changed and Add .bc! file extension to unfinished file ,disabling one will fix the bug. v1.26 2011.01.27 GUI Improved: improve text information displayed in VIP acceleration dialog GUI Improved: improve progress bar of disk space in task properties dialog GUI Improved: new setting in advanced option page to enable/disable auto hash check after downloaded file changed <==== THIS IS THE BUG THAT CAUSE THE CRASH , starting 1.26 + Add .bc! file extension to unfinished file ,will cause the crash. The fix will be like this Not scan the file if the .bc! extension has been removed as it's the same file.
  9. Local disk,i have a antivirus ( avast 6 ) but i did not set bitcomet to scan task on finish, another problem is that i can't report the crash , see pic.
  10. BitComet Crashes After Completion of a Task ,i`m using Windows 7 Professional X64,bitcomet 1.29 x65 CRASH.ZIP crash1.zip
  11. In latest BitComet you can see only the download speed if BitComet is in the taskbar and you can't see the time left for the download,and option to prevent the monitor to turn off when downloading will be great.
  12. There is need for 2 options. Stop the task when download has finished Start downloading or upload when all other task has stopped. Thanks.
  13. Yes this is what i mean. The same problem on (windows 7 professional x86 service pack 1 and windows 7 home premium service pack 1 x64,2 computers.
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