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  1. I Already told you my ports are working 100% with any other software besides i have tried to use bitcomet without peerblock it still acting the same way so any ideas to make bitcomet indicator turn into green on this port 10003 UDP Only? Like Utorrent?
  2. canyouseeme.org can’t reach me but i use PF Port Checker And It Is working great yes I use PeerBlock But this doesn’t Affect my download/upload Speed not even the ports i use
  3. What I Meant Is I Already Know That i cannot use the same port for 2 different software but still i wonder why utorrent can use 1 udp port and the indicator turn into green while bitcomet can’t do that?
  4. i have 2 ports are opened 10003 UDP and 10004 TCP Bitcomet Work Good With 10004 Tcp But Not Working With 10003 UDP And For utorrent It is working great with 10003 UDP also it work great with 10004 TCP sorry for wasting your time maybe i should stick to utorrent for now but what i don’t like it about utorrent it is slower than bitcomet
  5. I Know all of this but my port is not busy with other app im sure of it i just tell my UDP port 10003 work with all applications "except bitcomet" now this is strange isn’t it? and you didn’t asnwered my question if my UDP is open as bitcomet say here then why the indicator didn’t turned into green?
  6. my all settings are ok im sure of it because other clients such as utorrent are working just fine besides i found something strange and maybe this is the issue BitComet Always Try To Detect TCP Ports And Not UDP Ports here i made some tests Here is what i see when bitcomet starts: then bitcomet target tcp port and try to detect it wheather it was open or not: bitcomet report it is blocked: Now you see above that the indicator show yellow although my udp port is open and working I hope this helps to identify the issue
  7. i faced this problem before if you can remember it is been 4 years now since last time i made the same thread here how can I back it up? I already did you have the pictures above sorry but i give up i guess this is your part to check out the problem and report back a solution afterall this is your client and you know it better than anyone else ;)
  8. I Posted Pictures To Make This Crystal Clear. Hi I’m Experienced User Also I’m Not New To BitComet It Is My Favourite Client But There Is Something Strange About It Udp Ports Never Work The Indicator Always Show Yellow Not Green But When I Switch To Statistics Tab It Show Opened? also when i set a udp port for remote download or as a listen port it never work? why that? My TCP Port 10004 Is Opened & It Is Working Great But Bitcomet Show That 10004 udp protocol is opened too although it is closed? why that? All My Softwares Are Updated B.T.W Except BitComet. All My Ports Are Configured Correclty. To Ensure That My Ports Are Working I Use PF Port Checker. Other Info: BT Client:BitComet v1.35 x64 OS:Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64 Protection Suit:Norton 360 v20.3.0.36 Connection:ADSL 512kpps 1 Router 1 desktop Pc Router Type:TD-8816 v6.0 Sorry For Caps & Bad English It Is A Bad Habit I Know.
  9. Here See This: http://www.torrentratiokeeper.com Its Site Of The Software That Make Fake Seeds In order To Increase Share Ratio I Just Put The Site To Prove That I Talk Honestly I Love Bitcomet Its The Best So Far :D
  10. I Use The Latest Update Bitcomet 1.26 I Have ADSL 512 KPPS I Have Repotec Router RP-IP2401A I Have Symantec Norton 360 v2 Working Charm With Forwarded Ports I Have Microsoft Windows Xp Professional Service Pack 3 I Forwarded My Port And Its Green Means Working Hi Im Downloading A Unique Torrent I Mean I Don’t Find It Anywhere Else And Its About 3 GB The Downloading Was Good But When It Become 50% I Noticed That There Is Many Share Ratio Fakers (Share Ratio Faker Is Software Is Being Used By User To Increase Share Ratio By Virtual Way That Means Its Make Fake Seeds) I Tried Ip Filters/Blockers But Still No Luck To Block These Ips Please Make A Automatic System That Detect Fake Seeds (Rubbish Data) And Ban/Block Their Ip Through Tracking Packets That Incoming From Ip And Block It Here A Sample Error From Log File: Downloaded piece #597 failed in hash check, 4096 KB dropped.
  11. The Torrent File Contain Mirror Link Why Torrent Cant Download File Pieces From That Mirror? I Updated To Bitcomet v1.24 And I Tried To Download The Torrent From Wedseed Only One Peer And DHT Connected To 10 Peers And Its Working Perfect Thanx
  12. All I Mean Why Bitcomet Cant Download Directly The Content From The Mirror Link Like The Seeder?
  13. I Still Didnt Get The Point I Wasnt Seed The File All I Did That I Made Torrent And I Wasnt Seed it And I Tried To Download It As WebSeed But Seeders Is 0 So What You Try To Say That Web Seed Is Not Working Alone And Human Seeder Must Seed the File?
  14. I Use The Latest Update Bitcomet 1.23 I Have ADSL 512 KPPS I Have Repotec Router RP-IP2401A I Have Symantec Norton 360 v2 Working Charm With Forwarded Ports I Have Microsoft Windows Xp Professional Service Pack 3 I Forwarded My Port And Its Green Means Working My Problem That I Made Torrent The Mirror From http://www.ripway.com Here Is The Mirror: http://h1.ripway.com/maxspeed/Y!Supra1.0.0.62.exe Here Torrent File: Y!Supra1.0.0.62.zip Peers Connected Ok But Seeds 0? I Used Public Tracker Why That Any Explanation?
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