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  1. Oh my god, Hey. Uhmm.. I'm so lost like all I wanna do is download Limewire Pro, XXXXXXXX, an a bunch of Matt Damon movies.. So like it downloaded Limewire pro but then I needed a password an I just gave up on that..I was in the middle of downloading The office an my computer shut down an I started it back up an I resumed the download but its not downloading anymore, what did I do?? I've been desperately trying to download XXXXXXXXXXX from Limewire Basic and I can't seem to find it so I moved up in the game an ventured into Bit torrenting. I feel like such a newwwwwb. If someone could please help me, pretty pretty please I'd love you forever. I don't know if you can add people as friends on here but GOD I feel like a eighty year old woman trying to learn how to facebook. f***. Thanks, Kelsey P.S. Try not to be rude when responding.. :(
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