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  1. YES ! ! LEMONADEZ IS DA MAN!!!!! (ok, this might get abit wild) - lemonadez, 1st of all I want to say that I Apriciate the Fact That You Sighned-Up To this Site just To Replay My Question. (i saw ur joine date & Hour) Im Sure That I Speak For Alot Of People Who Will See This Thread In The Future And In The Present: THANK YOU!!! You are The KING!!! You Are The GodFather ! You Are Better Then Thoes Sticky Goowee Techs from sites like microsoft (who ask you to use C4 to Simply take ur shoes off) Men, You Know That I Havent Seen My Cometmarks For Allmost A year? Thank YOU!!!! (if I was a Girl Id S@CK ur ....) But Im a Guy.....:( Ok So I Definatly Owe You ONE!!!! If Youl Evver Need Anything That I Could Help With, Ill Be Gald To ! Im Sure You Have All You Need From The Web But If You You Dont And You Need Stuff Like ..... Antivirus Passwords Or ... Passwords For Downloading Site Like HotFile or LETITBIT or VIP-FILE or WhatEva...Ill Be More Then Happy To Help YOU! I Just Showed My Girlfriend How To Get To Our Cometmarks And She Was So Happy@ Man, You Saved Our ..... Stuff! (all our photoes, Info, Favorites, Almost evrything that is cyber discribing us) Thank You@
  2. OH......... So Thats What going On......? Hum......... Ok. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, (thats what I wanned) at least I know now that its not only me! THANK YOU Friend. I Think We Can Close The Thread. - Oh yea, just wanned to let you all know how much im suffering without the "ONLINE COMETMARKS" Comet-marks is the thing that define us, the thing that say who we are, what is our way of thinking, and the outlins of our mind!
  3. Oh Yes.... What Do Ya Mean "you are not able to manage your online bookmarks currently" "CURRENTLY" ? ? ? ? ? ? ? This Is Going On For Months Now! Last Time I Saw MY CometMarks Was 4 Months Ago?
  4. YES OF COURSE (sorry for being frustrated) BUT THIS GIVES ME ONLY PAGES THAT ARE BOOKEDMERED ON I.E. NOW (the ones that are plced in my browser now) WHAT I WANT - or - IM ASKING ... IS..... HOW TO GET TO MY ONLINE Cometmarks? Right now I Have Only 5 Pages BookedMarked In My I.E. , Recently I Formated My Computer And That Means That I Dont Have All of my Bookmarks On My Computer, I Have About 250 Bookmarks on Cometmarks ! In the past, after i formated my computer, I hade no Problem SYNC' my Browsers With My Online Cometmarks, or for this mater, I Hade No Problem Accesing them Online, and then MANAGING hem Online, AND FTER THAT... SYNC' them ONLINE!!! - NOW........ I CANT EVEN GET TO THAT "My Cometmarks" Page.. SEE THE ARROW In the Pic? HOW TO GET TO THAT PAGE? ^ Again.... Sorry for being so frustrated.. im sure U can understand?
  5. AGAIN... to all of you who dident understud: . I downloaded the application (no problem) I installed it and Loged On (no problem) WHEN I LEFT CLICK IT & CHOOSE "MANAGE BOOKMARKS", (I should get to a web-page containing all my online bookmarks) in this webpage I can MANAGE "My Bookmarks"! BUT........ Insted of the bookmarks page I get the "COMET ID" web-page that contain the onlne games! NO MATTER WHAT I CLICK...... I GET TO THE ONLINE GAMES PAGE! - NOW this is The Problem !!!!! I Cant SYNC' my Bookmarks I Cant Manage My Bookmarks I Even Opened 3 difrrent accounts to try and see whats up.. BUT AGAIN THE SAME THING: INSTEAD OF "MY BOOKMARKS" - I Get The ONLNE Games Page! So PLEASE Tell Me What To DO? I AM NOT NEW In this ! I Used Cometmarks for a year and a half So I Know What Im Doing! I Just Want To Get To "My Bookmarks" web-page After I Left Click "Manage Bookmarks"
  6. Hello, 1st, I want to say Thatnk You For your Replay. After Downloading the App (again) its still Not Workng. I Recorded My Screen With "Screen2EXE" so you couls see for yourself. the file is only 2.3mb (its a video "EXE" file) (i hope you know the app' : "screen2exe") so here it is: As a RAR File : http://www.mediafire.com/?l8scq39c4iyhqdw As EXE file: http://www.mediafire.com/?jakwyj96n9yyb21 If You Could take a look at it and say what you think I will Apriciate it . Thank You With Respect.
  7. Hi evryone, im starting this topic cause it seems that evryone have this problem. When I Try to login to my online Bookmarks I never get to the bookmarks page! i only get the COMET ID page with all the online games. this is going on for some months now. I Am NOT THE ONLY ONE WITH THIS PROBLEM! Can Someone Please Give Us Some Answers? Thank You
  8. SAME HERE ! This Is Going On For Ever Now! Can Anyone Please Give Us SOme Answers?
  9. oy25


    Hello Evryone ! i want to say that i find cometmarks truely a great app' Thanks for the creators and staff
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