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  1. Well it may not seem a big deal of issue for many of guys but hiding the name column in the listview of bitcomet helps me a lot to maintain privacy upto some extent. But now in the bitcomet versions above 1.29, this name column has been made default and i can no longer hide this. Please make this column once again hideable so that it may be helpful to me. I can't upgrade to any version above 1.29 just because of this issue. Please help me sort it. If the name column is not shown then there will be privacy to some extent for me.
  2. Well i am using it on win 7 ultimate. I have v 1.26 and its working fine. I think its performance is better on win 7 as compared to win xp.
  3. Yeah and now the snapshots load even faster than before. Hats off to the whole crew. :)
  4. Hey Hey Hey........ It seems like the admins have kept their word. The Snapshots are working again. Thanks a lot for this. :D:lol::D:lol:B);)
  5. Well its really appreciable if the workaround is being worked out. Lets hope that it gets well within 10 days. Thanks to all the people for their replies.
  6. It feels really bad to say but I am having the same problem of snapshots tab not working. Its really bad. Couple of days ago, it got well and the snapshots were working good. I thought the bad days are gone but alas! I am back with the same issue. Please help me and the others having the same issue................................................. Waiting for your kind reply. :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
  7. Well i would say that if it isn't that big trouble to add this functionality into bitcomet, then it would be a nice feature. ;)
  8. Thanks to the GUARDIAN EAGLE and zeroJinn. I just checked it again and as per your saying, the service is now working and i can see the snapshots now. Thanks a lot for the help. You saved me the trouble of installing everything from the scrap. Big time thanks............. :D
  9. Hello there guys. I am having this strange kind of trouble for some days. I have bitcomet 1.26 stable release. The trouble is that whenever i open a new torrent for downloading, bitcomet displays a dialog box in which there is a Snapshot tab. Previously, whenever i clicked on this tab, i was able to see the images of the videos that i was about to download. But now it doesn't show any Images for any torrents. If there is not any image then bitcomet used to display the message "Snapshot is not available" but now there is no such message and the screen remains blank. The Loading INDICATOR keeps rolling for some seconds and then nothing appears. I am using Windows 7even Ultimate SP1. I usually install the automatic updates provided by Microsoft. I have also installed Internet Exp 9. I think Bitcomet uses some functionality from IE9 also so do you think that upgrading to IE9 has any thing to do with the problem that i am facing? Please let me know if there is any workaround, or else i will have to reinstall my OS and it would take a lot of time to install all the soft wares. :(
  10. no effect on download speed however your upload points won't be counted. Points are counted when only one user is logged in with a particular id. welcome to the community. khota33
  11. Hey Butters1, at least the technical staff has made it clear that they are helpless in this matter. Lets wait to hear the same from the admins.......
  12. So what is the actual function of scroll lock in bitcomet? Anything special???????
  13. Sir would you please like to tell why the following highlighted message is displayed???????
  14. One Heck of Filter so to speak.......... hahahahahahahahahahahahaha :D;)
  15. As EJizme said, u will have to provide some basic info about the trouble so that we may walk to the solution.
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