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  1. The 6th of june is the 'international launch of IPv6' . Ofc the launch won't make a big diffrence, it's mostly show and publicity, but the end of IPv4 is near. So I'm wondering if BitComet is supporting IPv6? And if not, when will it support?
  2. I had the same problem with downloaded FLV videos as you have, this was my solution: - Get some kind of free converter (Freemake: http://freemake.com / FLV converter: http://flv-coverter.org) - Convert to any other format. I used MWV or AVI most of the time. - The new format will have sound enabled, even in MPCstar. I am not sure if this is a FLV-file problem, or a problem within MPCstar. But if you follow the steps above your files will have sound.
  3. I am very intrested in a cometbird version of ff 7.0.1, especially the improved memory handling sounds like something I could use. In 7.0.1 the bug causing add-ons to disappear, has been patched. So I would like to know if the CB dev team is planning on release 7.0.1 soon?
  4. Since I updated to cometbird 6 today alot of weird stuff is going on: - My HDD is beging used all the time, making alot of noise when CB is on. - When I try to close CB, the window will close but the process will continue (inclusing plugin-container) and the HDD keeps making noises aswell. - Every time I start CB, the 'thank you for installing'-redirect to cometbird.com comes up as a tab. Anyone with a solution? Else I will be back to CB5 I guess
  5. I already rolled back to 5.0, as soon as I install 5.1 again (or 5.2 if it will have the same problems) I will post a screenshot here.
  6. Since mpcstar 5.1 I can't auto-resize MPCstar to left/right part of my window. And if I switch to the old skin the compact mode isn't working properly (it just removes the side bar and upper bars and doesn't resize to the windowsize it had before). My description might not be really good, but I hope you all understand what I mean.
  7. For those who didn't update yet I have a small list of reasons I found to get back to 3.6.13: - Some toolbars are not working - Some add-ons are not working - Some Greasemonkey scripts are having problems - Some javascript bookmarklets are having problems - The font sometimes gets blurry (supposed to be a fancy option, disabling takes some time to find) If you don't want any of the above to happen: Check your toolbar/add-on/script before upgrading to 4.0!
  8. As far as I know firefox 4.0 is final, I'm really looking forward to cometbird 4.0 :)
  9. screensize should not be the problem, I can run 1080p on a smaller screen aswell. After a bit of searching I found that your laptop has a some good hardware and should be fine with 1080p movies. Maybe you can try and get another 1080p movie and see if that one works/
  10. torrentz.com, they combine alot of popular search engines (like TPB and 1337x) and generate a list of all websites that got that torrent and gives a list of the files and seeders/leechers on that torrent. They also got a rating system
  11. What are the specifications of your laptop? Not any computer is powerful enough to play big MKV movies.
  12. I love to use the compact mode (really useful in windows 7 snaps option) but when I exit compact mode the location moves a bit to the top-left. Also, when I go to full screen and back there will be a greay area around the video Can this get fixed in 5.0 release?
  13. as far as I know MPC stands for Media Player Classic
  14. Thanks haha! ^^ Also, can you add http://lololyrics.com as a lyrics source? They have a big library of any electronic music (from trance to hardcore) which are usually rare lyrics to find on the internet.
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