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  1. My PC OS is Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit and the BitComet is v1.37 64-bit. I have emailed on 28 Feb 2015 to support@bitcmet.com and so far there is no reply to me for the problems stated below. A search here, many had complained like me about the numerous problems with "Snapshots cannot be viewed". All the Tabs "Snapshots" cannot view any photo!!! It just prompt you with error "This program cannot display the webpage"??? WHY STATED...... cannot display webpage??? it should be "...cannot display photos" as correct error messages. Please assist me to solve the Snapshots asap. Thank you.
  2. The BitComet v1.23 and v1.24 has problems with all text files (*.text). After downloaded the video with text files, then when it's opened with notepad, wordpad and/or microsoft word, all the chinese, Japanese, etc fonts except the english font are unreadable. Please help and advice me.
  3. My router DIR-655 does support UPnP for all my recents clients inculding prior BitComet v1.23. But after the upgrade to v1.24, the UPnP failed to connect. Therefore, I assumed that there is problems with the new v1.24. If there is no "cure or updates", I will revert back to v1.23. I did see kluelos threads. He did not ask any similar questions or statements made by me; undefined or ambiguous words that is not to ridicule me and to peace me.
  4. OS: Windows 7 64Bit My router: DLINK DIR-655 BitComet Version: 1.24 Stable Release for 2000/XP/Vista (Help\About\????? did not show Win 7) The green light is ON! BUT BitComet\Statistics\UPnP NAT port mapping: Failed [Windows version Not Supported!] That's the problem why UPnP is not opened. Is Bug is software, BitComet_1.24_setup.exe 7,890,192 byte! Please give a new update asap to solve the above problems.Thank you
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