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  1. you know what... forget about it, because of this i've now switched to ĀµTorrent for 4 good reasons: 1. Almost same layout... 2. Does practically the same thing... 3. Does NOT block sites as Bitcomet does... 4. Somestimes even faster to connect to trackers than Bitcomet is...
  2. I hope a admin soon would reply to this... soooo... bump? ;)
  3. I think you should wait... if you get the same problem as i have right now than you would be dissapointed... wait until the problem is solved.
  4. This is how the system works. Let's say that you buy the 10gb version for $5... Bitcomet will help you with 10gb of files. so if you download a movie.. let's say it's 712MB than you have 9GB and 288MB left. when the download is done you still only have 9GB and 288mb left, you won't get the GB/MB back. if a download file is more than 10GB than you can't download it with VIP. As i can see it the system is new. therefore there can be alot of problems that they need to fix. But i do really do hope that they would solve the problem. buying an item and don't get it as they promise = lieing... and lieing about business = crime. would be the same if i sold a DVD as "new" and than you bought it.. came home and saw the DVD inside was broken... Oh well, PLEASE FIX THE VIP DOWNLOAD SPEED DOWNLOAD! Thanks again. :) ~~~~~Not part of the problem~~~~~ if it was me who was in charge of how this VIP thing should work than i would say that the users themselfes should work for the VIP let's say you buy 10GB ... than you have 10GB and should as it does now... but if you upload let's say... 200mb than you would get 200mb to VIP with but than you could only use the MB/GB's when the "bar" was at 10GB again. so you need to upload 10GB to do it again. (it would help all people download and Bitcomet would still earn some money on it)
  5. Currently irritated about VIP problems.

  6. Currently irritated about VIP problems.

  7. Currently irritated about VIP problems.

  8. it's a bit... weird that we can download torrents with Bitcomet and than "VIP" and you think WOOW! maximum speed in torrents!!! Than you either try the free trial (i couldn't <_< ) and than i bought the 10GB package because it only was $5 and i thought if it was really good than i would buy the 100GB package... I got really dissapointed when i found out that it actually don't help... it said somewhere "VIP is really good for downloading slow torrents" .. well downloading with 100kb/s is kinda slow.. and VIP made it to 50kb/s Just based on what i've tried with it, than i would say that it's a scam and a load of garbbage... (no offence to anyone) still... using $5 on nothing is a kinda sad... those $5 could have been used to help people in need... (which i have done before) Personally i think there should be a headline topic thing about VIP problems... where people like me and others can get help if it dosn't work as i should. Okay, i've said enough... just gonna wait for admin. Thanks again :) Hope that YOU (admin) helps me and the others that needs help with this.
  9. I've just bought the 10GB package for Bitcomet 1.24 (and i have that version) now i try to download a game which is on 7,84G ... normal download speed before VIP: 100-200kb/s normal download speed with VIP: 50-100kb/s I've tried restarting the torrent and relogin but nothing works... i saw in a other topic that i just should PM a admin my Username and the hash code. please "Admin" reply here, and also tell me how to find the "hash code" Thanks. (Cheating is cheating, no matter how you describe it) Just so you know, you lawsy admin cheaters ;) (just kidding) ...
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