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  1. thanks for the help, but i dont know what was the problem. my sound has come back from the dead. i am watching movies on movies 2k. i have. one time i have putted the volume down and forgot to put it back on again. i went back to watch a movie and adjusted the sound. after that my mpcstar sound worked again. Thanks anyway
  2. I need some help please. I have been using mpcstar on all my movies for a long time now. About 3 weeks ago i lost the sound. When i play movies on any other like nero or windows then the sound are fine. I have unins. and reinstalled my mpcstar, but still there are no sound. I have recently donloaded mpcstar 5.1 and installed it, but still no sounI have looked at all my settings on mpcstar and everything seems fine. Iff theres any one who can help, i will apr. it. Thanks
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