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  1. I just uninstalled CB V4.0 and reinstalled V3.6 and the links are now there but they are not downloading from Youtube. I have tried a number of videos and it is the same. Has Google/Youtube done something to prevent it?
  2. I just updated from CB 3.6 to 4.0 and now I have no "Download Media Files" in either my Tools menu or the page right click context menu. Where have they gone?
  3. I am curious about what seems to be the vastly superior memory management abilities of CometBird compared to Firefox. I have been a long time user of FF since V1 and have been continually frustrated by the memory usage issues since V2 of FF. I am currently using FF V3.6.13. In my testing so far CometBird has been using a fraction of the memory that FF does and I can have 15+ tabs open in CometBird and only be using 220MB whereas with those same tabs open in FF for any length of time the memory usage quickly gets up to 800+MB and has peaked at 1.2GB with 20+ tabs open in FF. That is when I h
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