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i am short, crazy, and in love with my beautiful wife, Danielle. i have a dog and two cats, named Coda (8yrs), Destiny(5yrs), and Angel(8mths). i love to cook, sing, and play around with my computer. i love all kinds of music, literally everything. i am a smoker. i don't often drink. i do not do drugs, they are gross. used to, but quit. i like to shock people, for instance, i have had long hair for at least 6 yars, but now i am growing it out, just to kinda prove a point. that point being that i can grow my hair, and not cut it. last time i cut my hair, i shaved my head, back on november 8th, 2009. and since then, i have been growing it out, and it is now past my shoulders. i refuse to cut it until my 30th birthday, at the very earliest. i have a 45wpm typing speed, with superior accuracy. i hate hypocrites. they bug me. also, people who are blatently ignorant, rude or obnoxious get on my nerves. i don't have pet peeves, i have whole kennels of irritation. if you aren't an honest, real, kind, nice person, who knows how to be polite, don't talk to me, don't bug me, and we will be just fine. thank you for reading this, have a good day.

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