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  1. No offense, I aint got time. Bitcomet never betrayed me so I suppose it's a bad torrent or something, you can mark this as solved, thanks.
  2. hi there, I'm downloading this torrent and I suddenly saw that it has 1gb of dropped data. I disabled LT seeds and it keeps growing by mbs anyways Help?
  3. same s**t different client it remains the same, guess there's some left overs from the update or something...
  4. This is happening to me too but just now. Bitcomet starts ok and after a while it starts lagging. So hard that I experience sound and video tearing. I'm talking about high cpu usage too btw. Trying version 1.25 now.
  5. Thank you so much all. I'll think I'll try the simpler solution, getting a faster Internet.
  6. "I am smarter than Albert Einstein." I have a VERY limited & slow internet connection so when downloading, let's say, a 4 mB piece ( Got 256 kbps Internet, and with torrents it'll be around 20 kB/s so downloading a 4 mB piece will take around 3 and a half minutes) I get disconnected from peers or whatever happens, so I have to start downloading the piece again. I showed a picture of this before and I downloaded an extra 600 mB due to this. The reason I want to set the number of pieces downloade at the same time is that I only want 2 pieces downloaded because I keep downloading many pieces at from 1 to 5 kB (that would take from 1 hour to 15 minutes in the 4 mB piece example) and I keep redownloading some of em so I figured if it's a 32 kB pieces torrent for example it would take less time to download a piece and save it (and not risking redownloading it). Clear enough?
  7. Thanks I didn't know that, meaning I can't do what I want to do. So I think I should download torrents which have smaller piece parts to avoid the same piece being downloaded again.
  8. As the question says, I want to be able to download a specified number of pieces at the same time, for example to be able to download only 2 pieces at the same time wether it's 2 or multiple sources.
  9. Here's a small torrent with the same problem, maybe this will help? And if I may, I think the problem is in BitComet for downloading too many different pieces at the same time (maybe download piece amount should be relative to download speed?)
  10. Yes this happened before but it's usually less than 20 in a 900 megs torrent or at most 100 megs in 3 gigs, as in 100 some of it is dropped and some mysteriously dissapear like this one.
  11. Hello, I downloaded a torrent but at the end I notice I have an extra 500+ megabytes downloaded. As you will see in the pictures attached, I'm not the kind of guy that can handle few extra megs of download (meaning my Internet sucks) so maybe someone can tell me what is this or how to make sure it won't happen again? Pay attention to the pictures, the extra megs downloade aren't dropped data or anything else.
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