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  1. thanks a lot sir, i will visit the same . long live bitcomet and all the staff who sacrifice for milion of benifaciries.
  2. i could hardly remember that earlier flash games was available in bit comet front page and thats was downloadable and i had enjoy these. probably it is stooped due to huge space or nonepopularity by now ?
  3. i m seral_man as user in bitcomet long time.but now my user state says expired after getting captain rank.pl look into the matter and oblige me. with thanks serial_man
  4. thankx bitcomet tech support for your support.though i reply and give thanks to you after so many yearsbut to day i have seen your good reply. but now i know everything about torrents download .and how to use it for me and seed for others.no doubt like me many poor person who can not utilies ,money for buying costly software only for personal or home entertainment use only but not commercially.i always love bitcomet.
  5. login error happend in 1.45 version.a html code type page occure?

    1. The UnUsual Suspect

      The UnUsual Suspect

      This is not where you post for help, is there any reason you ae posting this on my profile instead of the forum?

    2. seria_lman


      sorry sir,for posting here. anyway have anice day.

  6. log in error when i try to login. a html code like page open.it is 1.45 version ? but 1.44 it was not.should i reinstall 1.44 version bcoz i loss ranking.
  7. here it is listed pitate bay.its not downloadable for me.shows 0 seeds,peers and remain o% downloadable for me. but one of my friend always downloading farely with torrenz site but not agree to tell whats is the trick. how can i download from torrentz the exact site ? any hint?pl do not mind my stupid quetion as i am very new in this regard. thanx for expected reply.
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