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  1. Thanks for you help GreyWizard!!!! I have downloaded 6 torrents since i altered the max conection settings and have had no issues so far (alot better then 5mins download and then ressetting my net) I will play with the Connection numbers some more and see how connections I can take. Unless you think there is anything else I should do otherwise, Keep up the good work!! You guys/girls do a great service to all the dopey's around like me lol, and once again THANKYOU very much for your assistence Regards Bonzey77
  2. ok sorry didn't notice the text box i will give that a go for a couple of days and let you know thanks for your help so far hopfully we have some luck here regards Bonzey77 :D
  3. yes i tried to down load last night and came up with the same problem but i have not tried your earlier suggestion when you said to i understood how to disable DHT, Emule etc but am unsure how to limit the (max connection parameter)as it seems to be set to zero as shown here i think http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/88/advancedoptions.jpg/ Or am i in the wrong screen for what you said???
  4. i have disabled sceduler and made adjustments to connection settings and i have got it and my status bar in a screenshot for you to cheack http://img15.imageshack.us/i/statsandconection.jpg/, also i have a screenshot of my program permissions http://img8.imageshack.us/i/mcafeeprogrampermission from Mc Afee for you to view in nessacery i hope the are more to your liking sorry about the start up screenshot before
  5. ok here goes i am using mcaffe for virus softwere, mc affe is also my firewall in which i have set bitcomet to have all access i have all so attempted the screenshots you guys asked for for i hope they are ok:http://img827.imageshack.us/i/mainpagescreenshot.jpg/and for the (options, connections tab i have this link:http://img405.imageshack.us/i/connectionsettingsbitco.jpg/ I hope i did this right and is of some use in regrds to trying oer client i have done so previosly with utorrent cliennt had simmilar problem thnkyou for helping me with this and sorry for my slow reply regards Bonzey77
  6. I am very very sorry to offended you so much GREYWIZARD but i am unfortuantly not exteremly tech savy like some others on this forum! I will try to answer all of you misunderstadings from my problem: 1: as far as i can ell my modem is only a modem 1 input for ethernet and one conection out to my CPU the make and model are as follows (nettcom (NB7)) 2:speedtest results: I ran the speedtest from speedtest.net and was not sure if this was what (The usual suspect was after from there message dated 12/feb2011) and do not really know how to post or take a screen shot of my Options-->Connection page and one of the Status tab. any info on how to do so and then i can post such infomation. 3:my internet shuts down constantly, when i try to download a torrent ( this is for windows 7) at the bottom right han side of my screen the is a little cpu screen picture showing near a speaker button, the little cpu screen which denote's my internet conectivity becomes covered with a (!)mark in a yellow triangle. when i click on this icon it opens my (internet connectivity) page. when this page opens it shows a little box in bottom right hand corner which says (Currently connected to: No NetWork Access)underneth this it says (Open network conections) when i clich on this link, it open up another page, which the header of this is (Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center)where it shows my conection on a small flow chart (MY CPU>NETWORK>INTERNET) now betweend network and internet ther is a red cross when i click on this red cross it says diagnosing problems when this is compleated iam given the ERROR message: "The DNS server is not responding", Again if a screenshot or somthing else would hep I would Be more than happy to oblidge but will need some instruction on hoe to do so with (windows7). once again sorry to have upset anyone but as above stated in am proberly a fair novice at this technical stuff and any help would e very much appreciated. further more i hope i have answered some of your questions greywizard if you require an more info please let me know, regards Bonzey77
  7. download result's were 18.00mb/s upload 0.86mb/s and ping 35ms is this what you were after the usual suspect?? http://www.speedtest.net/result/1153807262.png
  8. to anyone who can help, i have the latest vervion of bit comet (1.26) no router only a modem iam also running win7, i have adsl.2. when i when i view internet through internet explorer or any other browsers i have no issues but when i am downloading torrent with Bit comet my internet shuts down constantly and when i click on diagnose problem i get the error "The DNS server is not responding" i have scouered many different forums but have to to come up with a soulution to my problem i have spoken to internet provider the tell me there is nothing wrong any help would be much appreciated regards bonzey77
  9. thanks mate will try and no i dont have a router sorry for not saying
  10. thankyou for your response Kluelos i am using a netcomm nb7 modem does this help???
  11. I have searched a lot of forum topics and am unable to find a solution to my problem, which is my internet keeps droppping out when i am downloading torrents, I have the newest version of bitcomet maybe a month old and a using google chrome, and windows 7 any ideas on what maybe my problem would be much appreciated
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