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  1. Thanks Kluelos for your quick reply. I'm using Windows XP and I have since long configured it to work with Asian languages (namely Thai) as my wife is Thai. That's why she's able to chat daily in MSN using Thai language. But I tried to to do what you suggested (open the .ssa file with Notepad) and the odd symbols (@#%*#*) still display. However. let me tell you that when I use my normal subtitles editor (Subtitle Workshop) and change the language settings from ANSI to Thai, it immediately displays on the main window the correct Thai subtitles. The problem is that after trying to save it as a new .ssa file I still can't read the subtitles in MpcStar. Even stranger because I'm able to read Chinese subtitles whenever I got an .avi with multiple subtitles. Any suggestion? Thanks in advance. Best Regards
  2. Can't read Thai subtitles using MpcStar. I have several .ssa files with Thai subtitles but every time I try to play them with a movie (and yes, all those files are renamed to have the same name as the movie) I only can see symbols like @#$%$#@#$%** Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks
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