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  1. Hello. I'm very new to this and I'm terribly confused. While using BitComet I downloaded a movie from The Pirate Bay site. Not very long afterwards I got a letter from my ISP (Mediacom) about copywrite infringement and told me I made an illegal download. Well, a few months after that it happened again. With this new letter they told me that if it happens yet again that I will be banned from Mediacom indefinitely. If that happened I'd have no internet at all. Did I make some sort of mistake downloading? What I don't understand is with all the people who download all sorts of things for all sorts of torrent sites, how or why in the world did I get nailed with this? Now I'm scared to download anything at all for fear of losing my cable service. Can anyone enlighten me about what I did wrong or what I should have done instead or something at all?? Thanks, Mike
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