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  1. to the unusual suspect: I know that you have given another 100gb of download space , but if you can''t download at a better rate than say 30kb than what is the difference as after I had purchased the VIP program that I have ONLY ONE month to use this. I figured that I would be able to use this amount of download space until I had used it ALL up ....
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    I have tried my VIP option this morning and it says "SERVER ERROR" , yet another problem with server. I don't think I will invest in this again as downloads don't seem to make it any faster......(in my opinion) anyway.
  3. I had bought the VIP program but think it will be the last time as I don't think the downloads are that much greater. I usually only get 10-20kbs from what I can remember. When my purchase expires ( I thought that if you bought a certain amount of download space, you wouldn't have a month to use it in) , don't think I will renew VIP just use the FREE program...
  4. I have bought the 100GB VIP and had downloaded some files and received the full 100% file but I have started some more files and it has downloading at 0% but have anywhere from 10% to 63% of the files downloaded but just seemed to lock up I reset my router to see if that would help but it didn't (as of yet). Is there anything a member has to do it downloading stops at 0% ???
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