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  1. i reinstalled BC ans all seems well now ,,, thanks for helping
  2. i believe this just started occuring about 10 days ago . under peers i will attatch snapshot,, i think i will finish this last torrent and reinstall the program , i havent made any changes to my pc lately , so i dont think thats the issue , if i cure it by reinstalling i will post y result ,,thank you for helping
  3. sorry about that , seems i repeated the same pic,, retry ....
  4. BitComet 1.25----high speed ADSL--gigaset-Se567---- built in router --- Windows firewall The problem i am haveing , is when i set my download speed from unlimited to a lower amount ,,{350..> 200 } BitComet will not lower my speed it continues to D/L at my Max... Ive used BitComet for a long time this problem just started recently . MY Task Manager Show same as B/C as D/L speem Max ....Any help
  5. just wondering why ,, i set my download speed at ,, 200 , i have 350 connection , it wont lower to my 2oo setting , continues to d/l at 350 , any ideas
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