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  1. I loved vlc for a long time.But MPC Star is rocking in last few years.Now for last 4 years use MPCSTAR because it includes excellent features not found in vlc and othe players too or other player needs spicial plugin. I am only missing one thing finally that is playback speed which was implemented in MPCSTAR but its not fine tuned.No button for fine tuning like in VLC we have 1.10x , 1.18x,1.28,1.39x,1.42x,1.50x so on... That is one the most important thing that keeps me to use vlc else i would only use MPCSTAR all the time without installing anyother player including vlc. The reason is we attend video classes ad many lectures where the spokes person is very slow in delivering and also documentaries and scientific research videos. In MPCSTAR play menu the feature has only three variation of playback speed.which is very fast and unable to tuneup to our listening skills and need.Very soon MPCSTAR might be the king in video players... As a software reviewer i can assure u to all users eccause i have been testing many ..This team is very quick in implementing excellent features whos discussion will actually take me away from the topic because its is very long I love to see a controller that controls play back speed at our own taste and flexibility of listening skills. Thanks MPCSTAR team.
  2. My system Info:- Using bitcomet 1.26. ADSL 1Mbps Modem/Router Easy to forward ports in mine Comodo Antivirus/Firewall Feature Needed. I want to password protect certain files like video/movie whose torrent name shouldnt be visible or be able to open Directly from clicking play button without sacrificing Disabling column name and preview in tasklist view.It should have silent download feature if we want to download anonymously from different users of the same pc of the same user login in windows7. Or you can also achieve by firefox profiles like features and protect with password to anonymously download. ThankYOu
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