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  1. The video playback is normal~nothing wrong with it , just confusing on sound ? its wont auto stop my video ,just...no more sound ? i try another player all normal,and i checked my volume control its full and my speaker is working when I just install,the mpcstar work normal,mine all video have sound on it The next day i switch on my pc,mpcstar dint work any sound on any video Sorry for broken english =( I need some help ~
  2. i just try restart my pc and play again my video ... but its same,still have no sound
  3. hello there,i hope there have someone may help me. yesterday i just download mpcstar,and when i play my video ,it do sound for me and today when i wake up , its dint make any sound in any video format,and my speaker is working volume setting is 100% and i make sure i dint mute it ,can anyone help me solve this ? please sorry for broken english
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