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  1. It's running OK but just won't let me sign in.Any idea why? Romaurie
  2. Bitcomet keeps stopping.Instaled latest yesterday but again today stopping.Says windows is searching for an answer.Also can't sign in.I see my name and password but when I click it just won't log in.any ideas?
  3. romaurie

    Barney's Version

    Goodness gracious!Now that is a good explanation. Sort of along the track I was thinking but with all those extra details you have filled in. Many Thanks!
  4. romaurie

    Barney's Version

    Thank you for the "Salon" explanation. The film Sanctum is on general release here in Israel and some very good copies available to download.I don't understand why it is so easy to find a copy of such a "high profile" new release whereas "Barney's Version" is linked to spam sites when trying to find a torrent file.
  5. romaurie

    Barney's Version

    I have read reviews on this movie and it seems popular.However, it is very difficult to get a good torrent not conected to a spam site. "Another Year" was initially the same, but now 2 versions with Norwegian subs are available.I was just curious as to why some movies that would seem to be "higher profile" are easy to find, whereas titles appealing to perhaps a more select audience are not. I think I've just answered my own question! In the case of "Another Year" I can see why its appeal would fall into the "select audience" group. Just a side note here.I am a British subject living /working in Eilat, Israel.There are 2 good new cinemas in this city and an IMAX.The problem for an English speaker in these cinemas is that the local indiginous movie goers talk non-stop during the movie whilst reading the feckin sub-titles.You have to really strain to hear the dialogue.Maybe they should provide headphones for English viewers! I trust it is acceptable to post this in the lounge. I still don't understand why a lounge is called a "salon" in Israel.26 years in this place, I can converse in Hebrew in connection with my profession/hobbies, but outside those areas I seem to have a "block". Romaurie actually a combination of my son's name "Rom" after the Marvel comics super hero [my wife thinks I suggested the name because it has a "biblical significance here" and my name Laurence, [Laurie] Laurence causes too many jokes here.Just a mile east is Aqaba, Jordan where "Lawrence of Arabia" made a name for himself.The locals wil insist on caling me "eesh Arav" in Hebrew which is a complement to the original T.E.Lawrence.When I lived in Bournemouth, Dorset, the local motorcycle club I was affiliated with made a "pilgrimage" to Bovington war cemetry where T.E.Lawrence was buried. Anyone familiar with the movie, "Lawrence of Arabia" will recall he died swerving to avoid 2 children on bicycles. He was riding a Brough Superior motorcycle, one of the all-time British Greats in terms of mtorcycle engineering. Appyologies for rambling on so.My son has to return to his military base a part of his 3 years army service as he was born here.Me and my wife always get a bit "strung-out" before his return.
  6. romaurie


  7. Many thanks for that info. But "Another Year" and "Barney's Version" still haven't appeared.
  8. Why is it that a new film like "Burlesque" can be downloaded with no problem shortly after commercial release whereas "Another Year" and "Barney's Version" all have torrents requiring you to "sign-up" for a survey to "release" the password for the RAR file.I tried this and found the PC contaminated with with "Ad Ware" afterwards and did not get the password. In fact when "Fair Game " was first released it also was only available with this sign-up malarky, but now is available in a good quality download with "no strings". I appreciate this is not BitComet's fault but when a normally good site like "Bit Junkie" starts hosting these torrents with no warning and a large number of seeders and leechers it makes you wonder.
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