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  1. I had the same problem, jsut downgrade to MPCstar 5.2. In that version this prblem isnt present and erverything works as it should :D
  2. Yeah I can use all the options under subtitles. if i select english the subtitles comes up like normal, but before i didnt have to do that. the subtitles came on by it self when i opened the movie.
  3. With preset i mean that the subtitles comes on when i start the file. I usually use MKV files, I dont know if those use external or are one of those advanced video containers. I have the 5.0 version of mpcstar player. Sorry for the bad explenation in the first post.
  4. My mpcstar player doesent load the subtitles when I start it up. If i right click and set the subtitles to english or whatever it works fine, but before i didnt need to do this with all the files only a few who didnt have preset subtitles. Can somebody tell me how to fix it please.
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