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  1. thanks for the kind words and encouragement...I have a tidbit for all who are in need...The is a corrupted file in a recent windows media player update...it's causing ALL media players to lag and emit a loud buzzing sound while playing media...it eventually crashed my OS and so I looked everywhere and everyone seemed clueless like me...well i researched it in my pc and discovered when it started, i deleted WMP and WMC and now my VLC and cometplayer/tigerplayer work fine...i did NOT reload either windows product...it's fine , no problems, everything works great now...hope this helps someone
  2. Hey Fellow Torrenter's !!! I have a fix for the buzzing,lagging,crashing while playing media...It's a corrupted file in a recent Microsoft Windows Media Player/Center Update. I found it yesterday (my birthday) and deleted Windows Media Player AND Windows Media Center. My VLC and my CometPlayer now work perfectly. I did NOT reload either windows product...they didn't get much use anyway and everything else still works great!!! No more buzzing,lagging or crashes...Hope this helps... Look for my video on youtube...I'm wolverines1daddy...
  3. Hey Suspect, I have had data loss and it was in the same time frame as most of the other complaintant's. I think there is one or more torrents that are carrying a virus...the data loss I experienced deleted ALL of the torrent files I had dnloaded including those I had "sent" to zip files and files I had sent to my flash player. These files were no longer in BitComet files...I ran malwarebytes and found a "WhitePup" in my bios system that was NOT there previous to the day in question. I then ran a Sophos program and removed it...no problems since. P.S. this particular virus does not exhibit symtoms, such as error pages or locked windows...very sneaky
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