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  1. Hi, can anyone help me the BitComet start page (starting tab) is in chinese language. How can I change in English? Please, I can't read in chinese language.
  2. My BitComet starting tab is in chinese language, which I cannot even read or understand. How can I change that?
  3. Hi, The BitComet server again is break down. I did have the connection back to my CometID, just for few days, but now is break down again, I can't login. I'm tired for the message "CometID not exists". I know the people who run the server do it in their spare time (unpaid), but I wish they would get to look this matter as soon possible they can. Thank you!
  4. Hi. I'm trying to login to CometID in the Bitcomet 1.53 client, but it keeps saying "CometID not exists" I've seeded with that account from 2008 year. Why would this happen? I do have access in my Bitcomet account, but I cannot login in CometID. What is the matter? What can I do? Can someone help me, please?
  5. Happiness is strength for those who have and the strength of happiness can do anything...

  6. Comet ID isn't logged. I have used BitComet for more years and I have never had this problem. Haven't been able to login for 3 days now, What is the problem ?
  7. Why in BitComet in the main Window is showing as the bits (for example 78 bit) are upload but while in my task list isnt any for uploading task?
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