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  1. Thanks, but before I came here to post the problem I searched the issue on google and found other people having the same problem. I didn't just make it up. Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains - however improbable...must be the truth. P.S. If I close and exit BC my computer does NOT re-boot by itself......Just a thought.
  2. Just a thought but what if BC could hide your IP like a proxy server without having to use a proxy or try to configure one on your own. I don't really like seeing my IP address (LAN & WAN) on the stats tab. It would be cool if BC could list a fake IP address for me without affecting the download stream. Do we really want someone to be able to track us by our IP address and see what we are downloading.....? What if BC could randomly connect through a proxy server after every start just like it does for the random listening ports? If it can be.....so let it be written, so let it be done.
  3. Ever since I upgraded to 1.26 and then onto 1.27 my computer randomly re-boots by itself. I have not installed any other software. I have run scan disk and virus and ad-ware scans with nothing found. It started after 1.26 was installed and now the eMule plug-in won't show its page anymore so I can't change the options anymore. This is very irritating. Has anyone else experienced this??? Windows XP / SP3 -- Been downloading since version 0.99 - Rank: Senior Colonel.
  4. The UPnP NAT port mapping feature does not work on Windows XP. Is it possible to release a bug fix to correct this issue? I get an error (FAILED) message in the statistics tab of my BC page. Due to this failure the Listen Ports for TCP & UDP are blocked which is reducing my connectivity. I'm sure there are thousands of other BC users having this problem. Thanks
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