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  1. It's not detecting youtube videos! :( Can somebody tell me how to fix this? is there a way to go back to 6.0.1 as that was fine.
  2. Is it safe for me to update to cometbird 5? as cometbird 4 had bookmark issues. Has this been resolved in version 5?
  3. has this issue been fixed yet?
  4. Please fix this so i can d*** well upgrade to 4, as 4 supports youtube html5
  5. Simply put, My bookmarks refuse to appear in the bookmarks pull down menu.
  6. just updated to cometbird 4 and my bookmarks refuse to show in the bookmarks menu. If i go to show all bookmarks and click bookmarks menu, they show, but i can not get them to appear in the bookmarks menu.
  7. I just updated to comebird 4, and open new tab and open new window are the wrong way around :( how can i change it back to the way it was in cometbird 3 like this:
  8. I just want CometBird to still look the same, visually, or have the same features and still be able to be set to look like ff3.
  9. All i ask is that cometbird stays the same, visually. as i hate the look of ff4.
  10. Please DO NOT make CometBird look like Firefox 4. FF4 is a huge letdown and i got cometbird so i didn't have to suffer with ff4's bad interface.
  11. thanks! it worked. i also figured out how to turn off colored tabs
  12. Right, i've just swiched over to cometbird from firefox. 1: how do i turn off colored tabs. and 2: how do i get X's to appear on all tabs like in firefox, as currently in comet bird, im having to click on a tab i want to close for the x to show.
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