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  1. i was raised the same way. i used to believe in these ideals just like you do until i realized it doesn't make any sense. respecting others is one thing, i don't oppose that - and i don't think i've been disrespectful with any one here so far. but being polite and humble leads you nowhere. these types of values are based on an outdated ideology, perpetuated by the same idealistic mindset that originally created it. as a matter of fact, the type of friend you described i wouldn't want to call friend voluntarily. if i like or dislike something i speak my mind. if someone is offended by it, it's their problem, because taking offense is a defensive reaction provoked by fear. why should i burden myself with the problems of other people? why should i rephrase or even say what i don't mean, if it is someone else's weakness causing them discomfort? when you go to the doctor you don't want him to say things only to comfort you, when in fact you are ill, no? instead, you want to know what's up so that you can solve it. the sooner the better. now, i am not referring to you personally. i was just trying to give you a different outlook on my position. actually, if i needed a computer to do a certain task and my friend would give me a computer for free that can't do the task, i'd either refuse the gift or demand some sort of solution. thta's just honesty. if your friend gives you a car that's not working, you either refuse the gift or you demand a working one. you don't accept it just to be nice. again, you don't understand the dynamic here. i am not "starving" for a good working player app. if there was in fact no other player or no comparable player i'd keep my mouth shut or ask for a favour, because i will still use regardless of the flaw. but this is not the case. if mpcstar fails to improve i will choose another since i have other options. this has nothing to do with being ungrateful or hypocritical. that homeless person will eat your food cause he has no other choices, so he better like it. if the best cook of the world comes along five minutes later and makes him the same offer he'd leave you in the dust - and rightfully so. after all, you didn't cook for his gratitude, but to help him out, right? 1. i appreciate that. it's a good thing. but that doesn't mean i can't criticize or demand. i didn't "sign" for eternal gratitude when i downloaded the free software. since it is free, noone is actually obliged to be grateful, either. when i offer something for free i can't EXPECT to get gratitude or otherwise it's not for free.. 2. in fact, i have every right as long as i didn't agree to other rules. usually a forum like this has terms of agreement that one has to agree to. those rules typically do not include a waiver of demands. everything else is common courtesy and therefore based on subjective perception of each individual, not the collective group. that's what the fullscreen mode is for. if i want to watch a video in the highest quality possible i don't use the window mode, i switch to fullscreen. even so, mpcstar still offers different zoom modes which should suffice for everyone. that, however, is not my point. the point is that, the program changes the window size every time i load a new video and as of recent it doesn't even save the last window size after closedown. so every time i open a high-resolution video, it's all over my screen. the problem behind this is that i preview videos in the windowed mode and switch to fullscreen when i choose to concentrate on a particular video. if i choose to go to another video, i pick one form the explorer window, that i keep behind mpcstar. this little problem however, is diminishing all the advantages of mpcstar, since i have to manually switch "fixed size" every time i open mpcstar. anyone with a complex workflow will understand how important a little flaw like this can become over time. now, i realize my tone might have not been "polite", but i reckon it's not a necessity to get my point across. quite to the contrary, actually. however, i don't think i have been disrespectful towards anyone. i hope you understand the point i am trying to make, as i hope you see the flaws in your approach to things. no offense of any kind was intended. i am however sorry for the length of this post..
  2. Dude, no offense! I saw another post getting replied to only hours after i posted mine, so i thought it was strange that other posts get replies and mine is being ignored. Also, i am in fact demanding an improvement in this here discussed product. "Demanding" as far as you can, considering the product is for free. That doesn't mean that no once is allowed to criticize it? I criticize my parents and they gave me life. Now what if i tell you i paid 40 bucks for it? Thanks! I appreciate your reply.
  3. alright, i'm not quite sure why my post is being ignored. i read the "read this before posting"-thread and it wasn't related to mpcstar topics? if it should matter at all, i use winxp home sp3 32bit. someone better reply.
  4. Dear MPCStar Devs. i like your player very much but now has come a point at which it will be decided whether or not i will keep using your handy player. i love MPCStar ever since i first tried it out of curiosity and it has gone to replace my other standard players (VLC and WMP). But you have got to make one important change or i will stop using it. in the versions before 5.0 when i opened a video, the player window size would change to the original resolution of the video playing. and it would do so until you change the zoom mode to "fixed size". but every time i close the mpcstar, i had to change to "fixed size" every time anew or it would change the window size of the player again. now, i hated that but at least the player memorized the window size in between restarts so that i had to chance to preserve the window size by selecting "fixed size" before i played a video. now the real problem: since version 5.0 imo (definitely not before 4.7), not only does the player STILL not memorize "fixed size"-mode, it doesn't even remember the window size anymore. every time i close mpcstar and restart it, the window size is reset. THIS HAS TO STOP. as i play alot of HD-videos which are surprisingly fluent on mpcstar, the video size is constantly bloated over my entire screen - which i don't want, cause i am only previewing it. if i want it full screen i go full screen, that's that. if you don't implement a window size- + "fixed size"-memory, i will stop using the player and i will also stop recommending it to other people. please take that into consideration. from germany, with love. but also frustration.
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