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  1. ok, well let ME get myself clear. first of all im not stupid so u could educate me about this stuff, i already knw all of it. i have read about the problem and searched the net 2 try and find solutions 4 this problem before posting it here, and im NOT whining about my speed or anything, it is just that i get miserable seeing that i can get better speed, but im not able to, because of a freakin bug that YOU guys r supposed 2 fix, and that has been ongoing for about a year, if i may add. In the end all i want, is 4 u guys 2 solve this problem as soon as possible. reading ur post, it looks like
  2. still, exactly the same as last time :(
  3. did you guys locate the problem yet at least? because my download speed is very low now, and it's been like that for 5 months now, it's annoying, now it's even making my download speed slower
  4. ooo ok ill try that, thx for ur help :)
  5. umm, on my account it doesn't show the title, exp, and rank. and even when i upload and stuff it doesnt affect my score, so it doesnt increase, no matter how much i upload :( so im stuck in the same vll for a while now
  6. ummm i dont think so, but i have used it on my laptop before, but i NEVER used the account in 2 places at the same time at the moment im only using my passport on this computer only, maybe on some occassion by mistake i openned the laptop while the computer was on, but i dont think that is the problem, cause i amde a new bc passport to see if the problem is still there, and it was still there. hope this helps :)
  7. did u pinpoint the problem yet? or r u still trying to find what the problem is still? if u still need help identifiying the problem, i can help if u got any other questions :)
  8. kk thx 4 ur help, and sry 4 all the trouble, just a little note: im actually using google chrome ver 5.0.375.70 not internet explorer. and please do inform me here, if u do find anything..hopefully. im checking this forum nearly everyday 2 keep track :) and thx again 4 all ur help.
  9. yah, i got the exact same problem too, and it happened about a month ago too, try going 2 my post admins, i added a pic that might help a little, if u wanna knw how it looks like, and signing in and out, doesn't achieve anything at all, it jz stays the same + it also takes a while 2 log into the acc plz try 2 help us, cz this sucks =(
  10. well? is there any way 2 solve it?
  11. hmmm i tried that, doesnt seem 2 work still. ohh and i dont use outlook, i didnt even open it once since i downloaded my new windows, so i don't think it happened from it. this happened about a month or two ago, just suddenly stopped working when i openned my computer. :(
  12. kk im using bitcomet 1.26 the newest version. I have a broadband connection. I'm using a router: Linksys model: WRT120N, v1.0.04 i'm using only 1 route. I got a windows vista version on my computer, and i got windows firewall protection, and i use AVG antivirus for protection. here is a pic of how my bitcomet looks like in the atttatchment thx 4 ur help :)
  13. hey there, i hope some1 can help me with this, cause it has been like this for a month+ now: whenever i log onto my account on bitcomet, the title and level dont show on the panel, furthermore the score doesnt change not matter how much i upload, i tried redownloading bitcomet more than once, but still the problem isnt solved, i also tried making a new account but still, it didnt work.. so don't knw what 2 do really. :unsure:
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