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  1. My CPU 2.4g 768M DDR Ram USB HD as BT destination close anti-virus and firewall When 0.71 starts , the CPU usage is just similar to 0.70, around 10% (1 torrent in progress) After 30mins, the CPU usage increSE DRASTICALLY to 96~97%, this cause windows freeze afterwards. This is my latest findings, hope it helps to improve the program. However, the searching-peer efficiency of 0.71 is very great compared to 0.70. I think 0.71 is a great BT client if the bugs has been removed.
  2. I shut down all anti-virus problem and firewall, but the similiar problem occurs (0.71 ver.) Mine: P4 2.4G 768M Ram Winxpsp2 USB drive as the BT destination
  3. PLease try torrent : http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?acti...263FB0251ADFB00 0.71 has the error "Tracker Return Zero Length Response" while 0.70 version accept the torrent and downloading/uploading properly in action.
  4. (1) I installed 0.71 and has some unfinished download file from 0.71. When 0.71 said 100% download, I manually check the integrity of the files ( 4 of them), all have 0.5% size of file need to be re-download !!!! (2) If 0.71 was to be run over about 1/2 hour, it's hard to normally "EXIT", I have to press ctr+alt+del to invoke the as-hang windows!!!! I have 3 times cut off the power due to no-response and freeze of the windows. Re-install 0.70 NOW...............
  5. Improvement: (1) Faster connection between users than before. Bug (1) When more than one file download, the harddisk will be periodically hanging around for a couple of minutes. The "hanging around" does not mean that the harddisk did not move, just the contrary, the harddisk did not stop read and write for the said period and all upload/download stopped due to this occassion (2) The connection will stop periodically. It does not mean the connection lost, but like this: 100K drop to zero but the connection still holds, the upload/download resume after "manual connect". So we have to check the connection speed very often, it's very inconvenient.
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