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  1. Been giving it a while Just a thought does it work with the new ie9 because when I think about it I have not got comments since I upgraded to it will try to roll it back Just done a system restore now I can get comments on some and non on others so not sure what to think of that all the ones I have tried are showing that there are comments in there but only some display them
  2. Thanks again tried that and the comments tab is selected I can see it and I can see the number of comments in the tab but when I click on it I just get a blank??? Thanks again
  3. Thanks for the reply I have been having this problem for three days now and have tried restarting even removed Bit-Comet and reinstalled but still no luck. I was just wondering if I had possibly disabled the comments in some way as I an definitely no expert lol I do think the comments tab is very useful and would like to get it back. Thanks
  4. As it says My comment tab was working fine but now I can see the number of comments in a tab but when I click on it I just get a blank screen, any ideas would be appreciated BT router BitComet 1.26 dsl Thanks
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