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  1. Alright as long as my bit comet points go on increasing properly[according to my upload] im kewl with :D anyways thank you :D hope it gets rectified ASAP Have a nice day
  2. I know the same problrm people have been posting but there is no answer to this at all score and title seem to have vanished i tried the windows feature on off trick still it dint work i had this problem before somehow when i formatted my pc it came back but now after i installed 1.27 its gone wth:S help me out here techies
  3. Ah ah IM back to where i started last bug report somehow the title bug was fixed when i installed 1.26 in my windws 7 ultimate nw after installing 1.27 the bug's back >.> i have the same look as the prvs post BC image :(
  4. I was using windows xp sp3 since i used to hate vista a lot .. but windows 7 is much faster than xp so i upgraded it windows 7 ultimate and the version of bitcomet i used during that time was 1.26 the recent version ( were in i couldn't see the title and score ).. but i installed 1.26 again i had in my drives and wallah was able to see everything back again.... and just in case since u mentioned about some IE conflicts earlier with bitcomet...... in my windows 7 its IE 9 which i use now
  5. OK i don't know if im of any help to the admins or the techies but i had the same issue of the title and score bug ... and i did a post before( deleted just now ) this but was waiting for a solution from the admins but today as of now i just installed my windows 7 ultimate and installed bitcomet 1.25 version and that bug isn"t there anymore i can see my title and my score now.. of course i had to format my pc and do all stuffs i dont recomend everyone who have this problem to format.. but if at all the techies can figure out the problem with what happened to me after i formatted my pc then im glad i was of some help... anyways cheers keep up the good work ppl ^_^ ...
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