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  1. I think so. But I don't know which changed on my system [ I've just installing window ]. Anw, thanks you so much. :x p/s : After installing new window, image is ok, but effect... >"<
  2. I did it. But nothing changed. And I realize recently image is loaded after sound [ subtitle effect don't change ]. >"<
  3. Now I'm using MCP 5.0. I run video with subtitle [.a**] [was made by Aegisub] but sub effect [like fade, frx..] doesn't run smoothly. I'm really uncomfortable. First, I used MPC 4.5 and ran video with subtitle smoothly. But after install ver 5.0 and re-install ver 4.5 [of course remove ver 5.0], ver 4.5 doesn't run smoothly. OMG! I don't understand that why. HELP ME!
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