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  1. Today, I used emule plugin in windows 2003, and immediately I noticed all new downloading will end up in erroneous status after downloadng for a while. I checked my user rights and file system permissions, they are all full control. I remember I once glanced at sparse file something within emule settings, and I noticed the file length of the part file, the one that does not give error has a length equal to its final length. Based on this, I checked the setting in emule plugin, and found a setting in the extended section: allocate full length for non sparse file. So I made a check on it and cancel and restared the task. Now everything is working fine.
  2. When I install bitcomet and emule plugin for it, I remember once I saw the emule plugin within bitcomet. But when later I removed and reinstalled them, I can never manage to make emule plugin showing up in bitcomet. To be clear, I understand that the plugin should show up in otpions dialog of bitcomet, but it does not. all are latest version. The bitcomet version is 1.26, the plugin is v0.59a Thanks
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