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  1. Hi Meverick, I thought maybe you'd accidentally clicked one of the column headers. As I did. Try it, you'll see what I mean.
  2. I just realised what's wrong (after all this time) You probably clicked one of the column headers which put your download list in (say) size or time remaining order. If you do this, the arrow up and down keys are greyed out. Presumably because it makes no sense to be able to move things in these circumstances. You just need to click the column header twice more to clear the re-ordering. You can see the little arrow up and arrow down on the header to tell you the ordering sequence. The arrow should not be there. Then you can move files up and down
  3. I've swapped back and forth between 0.70 and 0.79 several times to do comparative tests. Without doubt, the download speed with 0.79 is slower than 0.70. It seems to be something to do with the number of seeders you are able to connect to. 0.79 is not quite so responsive as 0.70. By this I mean 0.70 seems faster to start and stop torrents and just generally swapping from page to page. 0.79 stops it's downloads at 99.9% and then freezes. 0.79 seems to do a lot more background processing. eg. as I type this message it keeps freezing for 20 secs or so and I loose the cursor and any keystokes that i've made stop ... then they come back again after the 20 secs have elapsed. 0.79 has the lovely feature of downloading videos from youtube and download all links. So for the time being I will swap between versions depending on what i'm doing
  4. I don't think it's the hash check Dawin. Some downloads do the hash check after completion, some don't. You can see when it's doing the hash check because the little icon is an orange blob at the % zips up quite quickly. It definately stops at 99.9% and the download rate drops to zero. Double clicking (to stop it) makes it jump to 100%. THEN (sometimes) it does the hash check. It's not really a problem, you just have to keep your eyes open.
  5. Exactly the same has been happening to me since i installed 0.79. All the downloads seem to stop at around 99.9%. HOWEVER long you leave them. But if you double click the name (to stop it). It jumps to 100% and ends quite happily. I've mentioned this several times before in various threads, but we get is "go back to 0.70" (sorry :mellow: ). I think there really might be a problem.
  6. Aren't we getting kbs (bits) and kB/s (bytes) mixed up here? I've got a 1000 kbs dsl connection and I get a max of about 110 kB/s download from bitcomet (but rarely, now I have installed 0.79). So your rates are very much in line with mine I'm sure Kluelos will reply to this. He knows about rates and stuff :) :)
  7. No problem with it in 0.79. and boy was I rough !!!
  8. It seems to me that quite a few people are reporting 'slow' downloads on 0.79 (me included) Maybe it's an issue the developers should be looking at looking at.
  9. I would just carry on. It only appears if you login to bitcomet passport on 'comet Zone'. It goes away if you log out
  10. Me too. My overall download speed has dropped dramatically and is far more erratic than it ever used to be on versions prior to 0.79.
  11. That's been happening to me too since I upgraded to 0.79. A lot of downloads just seem to stop at 99.something %, even if there are lots of seeders. The way I stumbled upon to complete the download was to 'stop' the download (by double clicking on it). The computer 'thinks' about it for a second or so, then the % figure jumps to 100 and it completes. So far it has always been a complete and non-corrupted download. Maybe it's a bug !! I don't want to go back to 0.70 though because it's only a slight annoyance and I LOOOOVE the new download videos/links feature of 0.79
  12. Carrying on from the changes in 0.79, can anyone explain what the new status for peers means ... I__C Ic_C Ici_ IciC
  13. I had what appeared to a similar problem when I upgraded to 0.79, but what I eventually found was the download speed took a lot lot LOT longer to build up. If I was going to get (say) 30kB/s on 0.70 it would have got to that in 30 secs or so (as I got more and more connections). But with 0.79 it can take 5 or more minutes to get to 30kB/s ... It seems to take far longer to get connections. Although I have to say I no longer get the same MAX download rates as I did on 0.70 ... but then maybe it's just the particular torrents i'm downloading. I guess what I am trying to say is that you should be able to get the same downloads speeds, but you just have to wait a little longer.
  14. Maybe there was a seeder (with 100%) before you started and different people got different parts of the file from them. Then when you started downloading, maybe this simple scenario is happening. 2 leachers each with 50% ... but the completely opposite 50%. They can both get to 100% by downloading the others 50% What you didn't say is if you are getting any download from this torrent at all. If you aren't, maybe you are downloading lots of other things at the same time and bitcomet is giving priority to 'healthier' torrents. Try stopping ALL other downloads and just let the one you are talking about run for a while and see what happens then.
  15. In my experience, with the new 'download all videos' feature of bitcomet. The file should be downloaded with a .flv extension. If it isn't, it probably has NO extension and you just need to rename it to <FILENAME> + .flv , then associate .flv extension with VLC player. Double clicking on the file in 'my computer' or windows explorer (I use 2xExplorer, it's great) will show the video completely independantly from bitcomet.
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