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  1. Likin' the browser cometbird? Can I eat it? ;)

  2. Likin' the browser cometbird? Can I eat it? ;)

  3. Likin' the browser cometbird? Can I eat it? ;)

  4. I'd like to see the 'import Google bookmarks' change to simply 'import bookmarks'. Not a big fan of Google. I do like the online bookmarks. :)
  5. iluvcomputers

    bookmarks not appearing in bookmarks menu!

    I've noticed too that whilst using cometbird. Try "show all bookmarks" and add them to the bookmarks toolbar. I imported my favorites from IE (which I rarely use as a browser, Firefox being my default) and then I can see them when I click on online bookmarks and then go down to the bookmarks toolbar. Hopes this helps! :)
  6. iluvcomputers


    Tried out cometbird today and I really like it. :) Firefox is my favorite browser and this browser is really nice. I'm what you call a "computer guru" ;) I've tried every other browser out there. cometbird for me is one of the best I've used. :)