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  1. mpcstar 5.2 is working great now! auto load subs, faster seeking, play speed reduction working! thanks :D
  2. yes i have done that ive even turned the option off closed mpcstar open it up again and turned the option on again closed mpcstar played a video and it still doesnt work. :(
  3. im having the same problem. i have uninstalled 5.1 and deleted the appdata and program files folder, reinstalled 4.9 but it wont autoload the subtitles like before anymore... :( the files i am playing are MKV with subtitles softsubbed into the mkv container with the video (not 1 mkv file and 1 subtitle file)
  4. theres a small feature that i find very important that mpcstar 4.9 and under had: Auto Subtitle Load mpcstar 5.1 doesnt load subtitles automatically anymore and its a feature i need, can you guys fix it? for 5.0 i dont know if it loads subtitles automatically because i haven't tried it yet. EDIT: now when i uninstalled 5.1 and reinstalled 4.9 the subtitles wont load automatically anymore :( i even deleted the folders in AppData before reinstalling
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