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  1. yeah... after i uninstall the K-lite codec pack mega and install the Combined Community Codec Pack... it can play the mp4 file already... but still video will lagging but continue to play back when i forward or backward the video... is not hang like last time... the lagging is like video is hang but audio still continue... but later it will sync back to normal... i dont know is the codec pack or MPC problem now... just want to share my opinion here... ^^ thanks~~~
  2. so, can you please tell me what solution i have now... uninstall the codec pack or there are other solution ??? thanks for your concern... really appeciate it... ^^
  3. i install the version of K-lite mega codec pack 7.1.0... does that affect the MPC 5.2 ??? thanks a lot for your help...~~~ ^^
  4. hi there... i am using window7 ultimate 64 bits... last time i install MPC 5.1 version, when i play mp4 video file, it will hang and make my laptop no response... it go same with this new release 5.2 version... i cant play with mp4 type video and it goes same like 5.1 version... i try all mp4 file and all make my laptop no response and hang... i dont know why... but with 5.0 version, i have no problem of that... i will upload a sample of the video that cant play in my laptop with MPC version 5.2 link : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GP05RV0B info about the video : Type of file : MP4 video file (.mp4) Length : 00.12.42 Frame width : 400 Frame height : 224 Date rate : 255kbps total bitrate : 349kbps audio bit rate : 93kbps channels : 2(stereo) audio sample rate : 44kHZ
  5. i install and use the version 5.1 today... but when i play MPEG file, it hang and the player no response and make my laptop hang... it doesnt have this matter when i use version 5.0... hope this matter will be solved soon... thanks~~~
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