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  1. Periodically I have been offered a version of BitComet that is the number of the next version but that is NOT listed as being available on the BitComet website. I do remember there used to be Beta versions available, but never even saw a Beta that matched these recent events. I've been ignoring them, but now decided to ask. Something called Installer.exe is being passed a rather small one of three files in its command line from the wee morning hours today, and one of the others is zero length, and the third is maybe the size of a BitComet install .exe. These have been renamed and relocated, for now... Is there any chance I simply missed a chance to get a valid but apparently unannounced next version? Or have I averted something likely very BAD? FWIW, I sent an email to support@bitcomet.com about this problem on 10/31 (see attached PDF), but got no reply, hence this posting. Thanks! SCAM or REAL_ offer to upgrade to 1.48 i is it safe or how to know.pdf
  2. "If you don't want to use it, then that is fine, but I strongly suggest you disable the option in BitComet, rather then let some obscure security program stop the process (if thats what you're saying)." If you are saying that the program he was using is "some obscure security program", then bite your tongue! That is a very rude thing to say about one of the FEW free programs in the otherwise rather crappy Windows PC world that always is LOVED and RESPECTED and never, that I'm aware of, gets bad comments from anyone, and that has been around for a VERY LONG TIME. The author is not one of those arrogant pigs trying to sell some crappy software for megabucks, but simply has quality software and a vast and devoted following. Unlike many, he KNOWS what he is doing. He was one of the very early AOL programmers from way back when noone knew what the internet was. If that wasn't what you meant, then I'll be sure to go back to school next lifetime. I'm many decades beyond that in this carcass.
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