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  1. yes i have tested it on VLC player and power dvd. both show the bottom subs. a pm with the subs is going to be difficult because the subs are not separated Srt subs is no problem as far as i know. its the movies with the extension like vob. or MKV. with included subs. and i also tryed to change the position of the subs. but still nothing. like i sad its very weird, i never had this kinda problem before and i using MPCstar for al very long time.
  2. that's what i,m trying to explain, when i use the subs controle panel he shows the subs that are avialable but does nothing when i click on show bottom subs. even when i click on hide and then again on show still nothing. he doesn't give some kind of error.
  3. the top subs do work but if i hide the top subs and show the bottom. he still refuse to show the bottom subs MPCstar reacts normal thats the weird part, it seems that only the function to show the bottom subs is broken. but i don't know how to make a report because programs like hijackthis show everything in your system and not specificly mpcstar, maybe you can tell me how to do that
  4. yes i have tried that, i use Mpcstar for a very long time, never had any problems with it untill now also tried to switch from subs hide to the correct subs but that doesn't work either
  5. i have a very weird problem with the subs i use mpcstar 5.3 and when i start a movie he only shows the top subs, he refuses to show the bottom subs. someone any idea what the problem can be, i allready tried to fix it by downgrading back to 4.9 but i keep having the same problem.
  6. hello , i just updated my mpc star today from 4.9 to 5.1. i have to say that it looks very nice, but there's a problem with it. when i start the mpc star he doesn't pick up any subs so i tryed to load them my self. but even that he won't do. i downgraded back to 4.9 and now everything works again. i hope that there will be a fix soon because the looks of 5.1 is must better then the 4.9:) greetings
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