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  1. Hmm actualy I told that I did all of your recommendations. But after your second post I tried again. Result is the same. Here what I did: 1- Downloaded 1.68 to my excluded folder. (I picked the version randomly) 2- I opened Antivirus settings on defender and turned off Real Time Protection 3- I installed the v1.68 while realtime protection is still off. 4- I run the v1.68 autmatically after install while realtime protection is still off. 5- Bitcomet opened. 6- Stayed on my screen like 2 seconds then it closed. 7- I tried to run it again still real tim
  2. Thanks for pointing out but I already read it long time ago, I am using only windows' defender and it was deactivated on all of my reinstallings of new versions. So it should be something else or I am doing something wrong. ( I am just turning off real time protection on defender before install a new version) So my first problem maybe because of another issue? Also, about my second question, bitcomet was already installed and were running for a lot of time (like months), and defender decided to erase only exe file even without a new windows update. So still looking for answ
  3. Hey guys, I have 2 problem, one is rather important and the other, i think i can handle. I need help anyway 🙂 1- This is important one: I am using ver1.59 still. Because newer versions are crashing when the app runs. I can install any versions including 1.73. It runs. Holding at the screen for a few seconds then vansihes. If I want to rerun it then same thing happens. But in ver1.59, I have no problem and it works smoothly. From previous posts I saw that, active torrent number might be a problem. I have 35 active torrents. I think its not a big number but who knows? BTW,
  4. Yeah I am aware of that, I already made it clear that was just a "out of curiosity" question and thx for the fast answer. It's good to know you guys take care us. :) Hehe dont you think why I asked all about.... :) See you all in 8 years :)
  5. Hmm I am not sure here is the right place to ask it but I found unnecessary to create another topic for this question, so here it goes: Even thou this is my first post in forums, I am very old in torrent world and in bitcomet as well. I have a very high ranking right now. (marshal) Just out of curiosity I calculated how can I get to max sovereign and I found out that even with highest daily score (which is 120), it will take another 8 years or so!! Now please accept my apologies that I am asking this out of curiosity or in some egostatic way :P Is this even possible in practical meanings? S
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