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  1. I reformatted my laptop. With the newly installed Windows 7, I didn't install my codecs yet. I installed MPCStar only. And when I tried to play files that can't play in my previous Windows 7 with MPCStar installed, it actually played. Probably, there is a conflict between MPC Star and the user's installed codecs.
  2. Hi. I'm still having problems with MPC 5.2. The same video I posted on the previous 5.1 problem is still not playing.
  3. Thank you The UnUsual Suspect for confirming it. I hope the fix will be coming as fast as possible. I really love the new skin. And I love MPCStar. :)
  4. Wait. My system is not that old, it has 2.10 GHz. It's a dual core processor. I tried playing 1080p mp4 files before and it could totally play smoothly in 5.0. How is it possible that it can't play in 5.1? Do I need a high powered processor to play even the simpliest video?
  5. Here's the file. I successfully uploaded it. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=943G0KL6 The video came from Facebook. I downloaded it through a download manager. [uPDATE] I uploaded another video. It was made by my friend for their convention. It is in the mp4 format. Here's the link: http://www.mediafire.com/?337vbyz3376cu66
  6. Sure, I'll provide you with a small file. Just pm so that I can send it through email. I can't upload it right now.
  7. Additional information, I tried to play all kinds of video format like wmv, avi, flv, rmvb and mkv in 5.1, and it played smoothly, except for mp4. I also tested those files in another player and it played smoothly again. Something's wrong with 5.1 when it comes to playing mp4 files.
  8. Me and my roommate upgraded the player. We totally like the new MPCStar 5.1. But then came the problem, me and my roommate, who is also using it, can not play mp4 file format. When I play it in 5.1, the video is just stagnant, a freezing picture while playing. And sometimes, when I close it, it will not respond anymore. When I downgraded it to 5.0 and tried to play it again, it played smoothly. I also tried to play it in VLC Player and KMP Player, and it played very smoothly again. I hope a quick fix for these will be posted. [uPDATE] File used: Lady Gaga - Born This Way [2011] HD 1080p.
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