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  1. thank you for your help and advice, it seems since i set my listen port and changed the max connections things have got alot better this past day, this took a few days to happen dont know if its due to my computer set up or internet connection or bitcomet, either way it matters not. i am dwnloading from ltseeds and both remote and local bit torrent connections, i am also able 2 browse whilst dwnloading. there is one thing still niggling away inside my head, since making the changes to my set up, i am able 2 upload again but only the torrent im dwnloading is uploading, none of the others are even thow they are showing orange upward arrow and listed as active. this maybe because the torrent im dwnloading is 53GB (all 7 series of tv show lol) and thats using all my upload capacity 2 keep dwnloading or maybe due to my router not being fast enough as mentioned by TUS above. never mind thow hopefully things will smooth out after this current dwnload completes. thank you for all your help it has helped me no end thank you.
  2. this seems to b an intermittent problem. since setting up my listen port on my router the other day, i have managed to get the odd 1 or 2 bittorrent peers on my dwnloads, but only 1 or 2, i do get 60 or 70 ltseeds thow so i am dwnloading. alot of my trackers dont return peers but keep trying to connect (timing out or cant make connection)and the trackers that do return peers dont seem to b connecting them. yes my wan is showing a green light, my port is forwarded on port 52803 with bitcomet, firewalls (xp & kaspersky) and my router. my tasks show an orange upward arrow but never connect any peers to upload to. i really apreciate both of ur help and i hope im not waisting ur time with somthing that duznt really matter as i can dwnload, it just really bugs me that my tasks dont upload and allthow im not uploading i still cant use my browser. i have tried on ie8, comet bird and google chrome but they all time out unless i exit bit comet. as said b4 i have set my upload to 80% and lower down to 10% and changed the max no of connections. i will try a popular torrent and let you kno wot happens with the trackers. hope this helps with ur diagnosis, any other info you require please ask thank you
  3. thanx mudit4 must hav missed that bit, its BitComet v 1.28, i have the preferences set so it duznt auto start downloading or uploading at BitComet start up, so i select all and press the start button. also i use a cisco lynksys wifi dongle wusb100-eu. cant think of any other relavent info for you but please dont hesitate to ask thank you
  4. ive been trying to get my torrents to carry on uploading after downloading is complete but they wont, ive done all the port forwarding and unchecked the auto stop downloading option in the preferences, made sure my firewalls on xp s3, kaspersky and bthomehub2 router allow outgoing internet transfer between udp/tcp. also i only seem 2 be able to download from long term seeders, i dont know if this is relevant or just an annoyance only to me. another problem im having is not being able to use internet whilst downloading. ive set my upload limit 2 80% and less to try and get it up and running. ive changed the max connections and half open connections and installed the patch for xp s2 (dont quite know if it works with xp s3 but ive tried it anyway) im not saying that im a proppa decent person and only care about wanting to give somthing back to the community. i do want to give somthing back but to be truthful its more on a selfish note as i know the trackers see that im not uploading and they dont want to connect to computers that arnt uploading ive trawled threw the guides on this forum and also other forums but i either dont understand the bigger picture or im missing somthing. hope u can help me with this as ive waisted countless hours of my life trying to sort it out. thank you
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