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  1. Strangest of strange things that sometimes my Inspiron 6000 (Intel Wifi 2200BG), XP SP3 connects to internet (Internet icon in taskbar) and Bitcomet is downloading and sometimes I get no internet connection (no internet icon showing) but Bitcomet is still connected and downloading. Mind you I am connected statically to an open network using EDIMAX router that is daisychained from a DDRT router and I am cloned to the EDIMAX. I can configure the router but what to do to maintain the internet connection. Bridge it or Enable ISP filtering or what? Dwnld speeds for BC get up to 250KB/s (and that is without the TCP port being open none of which is a major concern so long as I can download with BC) Also note that the Internet connection icon shows really low speeds of 1- 8 or 10 kbps (this icon is NOT the WiFi icon or LAN icon). Any suggestions welcome...
  2. Thanks for your quick response and excuse the fact that I did not include ALL the info the first time ...only because I did not have that info available as your answer suggests about a private WAN and another Router. If that info was available to me at the time of my posting I would have included it as well. I did read the link and am still working on it...
  3. Cannot get WAN TCP open. Have tried forwarding ports in router using LAN IP and then using WAN IP....no luck...tried DMZ ... no luck....also tried disabling NAT but its a little confusing because it shows: NAT disable _____ Enable (this is a check box option) which means place a check mark in the enable box to Enable the NAT disable? OR Enable the NAT? Also found that I am a DHCP client to the DD-WRT listed below which leads me to ask if its ports need to be forwarded? Router System Information Router Name DD-WRT Router Model WHR-HP-G300N LAN MAC 00:24:A5:B4:26:87 WAN MAC 00:24:A5:B4:26:87 Wireless MAC 00:24:A5:B4:26:87 WAN IP LAN IP SSID The ...... NET Channel 11 (2462 MHz) TX Power 13 dBm Rate 108 Mb/s Wireless Packet Info Received (RX) 6303191 OK, 12056 errors Transmitted (TX) 8497888 OK, 21 errors Services DHCP Server Enabled WRT-radauth Disabled Sputnik Agent Disabled Wireless Clients MAC Address Interface Uptime TX Rate RX Rate Signal Noise SNR Signal Quality xx:xx:xx:xx:96:45 ath0 1 day, 9:41:01 104M 54M -73 -111 38 25% xx:xx:xx:xx:c7:60 ath0 1 day, 9:40:51 1M 104M -111 -111 0 0% xx:xx:xx:xx:0c:d8 ath0 1 day, 9:39:00 104M 1M -78 -111 33 19% xx:xx:xx:xx:d6:20 ath0 7:13:34 54M 18M -74 -111 37 24% xx:xx:xx:xx:62:01 ath0 4:17:52 104M 104M -96 -111 15 0% DHCP DHCP Clients Host Name IP Address MAC Address Client Lease Time ********* 192.168.0.xxx xx:xx:xx:xx:37:08 1 day 00:00:00 ******** 192.168.0.xxx xx:xx:xx:xx:1D:39 1 day 00:00:00 ******** 192.168.0.xxx xx:xx:xx:xx:30:DA 1 day 00:00:00 *********** 192.168.0.xxx xx:xx:xx:xx:98:FA 1 day 00:00:00 ******** 192.168.0.xxx xx:xx:xx:xx:C5:89 1 day 00:00:00 ********* 192.168.0.xxx xx:xx:xx:xx:50:14 1 day 00:00:00 ******** 192.168.0.xxx xx:xx:xx:xx:C5:89 1 day 00:00:00 Firmware: DD-WRT v24SP2-MULTI (05/28/10) std Time: 07:42:39 up 1 day, 9:41, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00 WAN IP: This is my Router Stats: ADMINISTRATOR's MAIN MENU Item WAN Status Sidenote Remaining Lease Time 21:48:04 IP Address Subnet Mask 255.255.255.x Gateway Domain Name Server , MAC Address 00:12:F0:01:50:xx Wireless Status Item WLAN Status Sidenote Wireless mode Enable Operation Mode AP mode (B/G/N Mixed) SSID xxxxxxxx Channel Auto Security None MAC Address 00:11:6B:2D:72:xx Statistics Information Statistics of WAN Inbound Outbound Bytes 2628404784 145702111 Unicast packets 1998687 1377606 Non-unicast packets 0 0 Device Time: 2011/12/18 00:53:57
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  7. Bitcomet 1.29, Windows XP sp3 32 bit Dell Inspiron 6000 Intel Proset Wireless 2200BG Router N-Max LevelOne WBR-6020 Server: Intelnet.gt TCP optimizer at 512 Kbps Need assistance with setting up router to open BitComet WAN TCP Port. Have LevelOne WBR-6020 Users Manual but can be a little confusing.....to a novice
  8. Please excuse my ignorance as a newbee. Extenuating circumstances: I share a DSL connection (Location:Guatemala) with my neighbors' Thomson Tg585v7 meaning to say I have no control over configuration of the router. Bitcomet 1.27/emule Downloads average 50kBs, uploads about 10 kBs. Would that be considered a decent speed or am I missing something here like maybe configuring a static IP? or running an optimizer on XP SP3
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