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  1. Kluelos. 10-4 on your last. As per my previous post, it is working at my job site, so motel is blocking. I did attempt downloading in all the BC protocol modes - all I would get are the LT seeds. I'll be checking for new motel in next few days. Hopefully that will get me sailing again. Thanks.
  2. I think the eagle may be right. I started a BC task at my work site and the seeds/peers were there. I stopped it though, because I didn't want to get into any trouble. At the motel I'm staying in, the summary shows 0 of 0 connected for seeds and peers - also nothing listed but LT's under the peers tab. They must have it blocked. I changed the protocol to a few different settings and it was the same. Shouldn't be a big deal - I'll have to find a different hotel. This was the first time I've been blocked...just freaked me out a little. I'll check back if there are any further issues. Just a quick question - Is there a page somewhere that is dedicated to seeding requests? I have a good supply of different things on a 2TB hard drive and would like to start giving back more where I can. A big THANKS to all the BC people. May your torrents run forever more....oh-oh...back to work...
  3. Thanks for your quick reply greywizard. I am trying to download Openoffice 3.1.1 and Linux CentOS 5.5 right now. Openoffice didn't have many seeds(50 something), and the Linux had like 20,000 something listed. The Linux is downloading(for now) all with LT seeds. I have also experimented with very current, popular a.v.i.'s(Thor, Fast & Furious, etc.) which normally have oodles of peers/seeds. The few that will actually fully download are all by LT seeds only. Under the summary tab it always shows 0 of 0 connected for seeds/peers. If this helps, I predominantly use Torrentz for everything and usually BTjunkie or Torrentdownloads.net for the torrents to download. I admit to being somewhat ignorant of computer knowledge - have only owned one since january(I know..LOL). I find it weird that the motel would not allow seeds/peers through a firewall, but would allow LT seeds. I don't know if this was the right thing to try, but I've also uninstalled/redownloaded BC a few times, and have even restored windows to an earlier point. Anything else you could reccomend? Thanks again...and by the way...you guys/gals are great!!
  4. Sorry about the duplicate entry - couldn't see where to delete it. I use Windows 7, BC 1.28 64 bit, McAfee int. Sec., no idea what router/service the motels have. Thanks again for any help/info.
  5. I work extensively on the road, and do all my torrenting from motels on wireless. I've never even had my own internet service. I've always had the yellow light evrywhere I go, and just figured there was nothing I could do about it. Lately,however, I don't even get any seeders or peers - only LT seeds. Is there anything I can do? Will gladly supply any additional info needed. Thanks to anyone who can be of help.
  6. Finally getting around to saying hello to my fellow torrent junkies. I have downloaded quite a bit and want to be more helpful in seeding where possible. I have only owned a computer since 01/11 and have alot to learn. I work on the road, and do all my computer work from motels on wireless. Have some issues I don't see addressed in the forums I've searched. Anyone who can help, it would be greatly appreciated. I haven't really had the time to become a torrent whiz...yet. Later all.
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